TCB functions are legally categorised into regulatory functions and co-ordination of shared functions. The shared functions of TCB are executed as joint functions with other stakeholders. These shared functions include research, extension, inputs supply, coffee development and promotion of association or other bodies related to or dealing in coffee industry, promotion of fair trade and competition, provision of technical advisory services to coffee growers, processors, brewers of liquor, traders and exporters. 

Pursuant to Section 5 (1) to (6) of the Coffee Industry Act  No. 23 of 2001 as amended by the Crop Board Miscellaneous Act No. 20 of 2009, TCB has the following functions and powers:

(a)    Advise the Government on the policies and strategies for the development of coffee industry.
(b)    Regulate and control the quality of coffee and coffee by-products.
(c)    Collect, refine, maintain, use, or disseminate information or data relating to the coffee industry.
(d)    Monitor the production, exportation, and importation of coffee
(e)    Make regulations for processing exportation and storage of coffee and coffee by products.
(f)    Facilitate or assist in the formation of associations or other bodies related to or dealing in coffee industry.
(g)    Promote and protect the interests of farmers against syndicates of buyers which may be formed through associations.
(h)    Represent the industry in local and international fora on the matters relating to the coffee industry.

(a)    Grant licences or permits for coffee export.
(b)    Register various coffee dealers.
(c)    Appoint inspectors for the inspection of coffee farms, coffee processing plants, coffee warehouses and any other facilities that may be inspected for the better carrying out any of the provisions.
(d)    Undertake coffee auctions.
(e)    Arbitrate among farmers, traders, processors, brewers, warehousemen and others.
(f)    Acquire, borrow, or lend money for coffee development to enhance coffee quality and production.
(g)    Do anything, which in the opinion of the Board, is calculated to facilitate and enhance the proper exercise of the functions of the Board under this Act.